Kirsten Meyer is the owner of Myosteo Health & Therapy. Originally from a 10-year corporate background as an interior designer, Kirsten knows first- hand what the negative effects of stress, both physically and emotionally, can have on one’s body. During this time, as well as for a number of years prior, she also suffered from chronic shoulder pain. She tried numerous modalities for relief and went for countless X-rays but yet the pain persisted. Nothing worked in the long term. During this time she became more and more interested in why one solution worked, why another solution didn’t and why her shoulder pain persisted, all peaking her interest in the human body.

At the beginning of 2011 Kirsten enrolled in a Holistic Massage Course. After witnessing and feeling the benefits of massage, she enrolled in the Advanced Sports Massage Course wanting to further her skills and better her techniques. However during this time she was still looking for that elusive treatment that would address her nagging shoulder problem. Massage helped, but didn’t resolve it long term. Through research, her growing knowledge of the human body, persistence….and the help of online research, she came across a modality called Myosteopractic. Having read the background of the founder, she decided to pursue this avenue further.

After three initial sessions, the benefits were felt and this “sealed the deal” for her.

Kirsten felt that this is what she had been looking for, it was what she needed and it was the only modality that had effectively resolved her issue ….AND the effects lasted! Through these personal experiences, as well as her growing interest in body function, and dysfunction, it lead her to pursue a new career in bodywork, qualifying as a Myosteo-Practitioner in November 2012. Since then Kirsten continues to broaden her knowledge of natural healing. In November 2015, she also trained in Scenar Therapy.

Kirsten set up her own practice in January 2013 which is continuing to grow from strength to strength.